What is a "Wet Reckless" in California?

It goes without saying that most people who get arrested for DUI would like the charges to be dismissed entirely. While charges are often dismissed, this will not happen in the majority of cases. However, an experienced Temecula DUI attorney can often work with the prosecution to negotiate a plea bargain, in which you get reduced sentences in exchange for a guilty plea. In these cases, you may find yourself pleading guilty to something called a Wet Reckless, rather than a DUI charge.

Wet and Reckless in California

In California, the term “wet reckless” refers to reckless driving involving alcohol. This differs from a DUI charge in that alcohol only needs to be involved – you do not need to be above the legal limit to be convicted.

You cannot get arrested for a wet reckless, but you can be convicted of one as part of a plea bargain. Generally speaking, the prosecution will offer a reduced wet reckless charge if they have a weak case against you, or if your attorney has mounted a very strong defense.

Why is a Wet Reckless Charge Better?

Wet reckless is a lesser charge than DUI, and carries significantly lighter penalties as a result. This charge is still no laughing matter – you will face fines, and you will have to complete a court-ordered DUI program. Furthermore, if you are arrested for DUI again in the future, the wet reckless will be treated the same as a prior DUI offense.

Compared to a DUI, a wet reckless usually results in:

  • Lower fines
  • No court-ordered license suspension
  • No mandatory jail time
  • Shorter probation period

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It’s very rare that the prosecution will simply offer you the option to plead to wet reckless. In most cases, your Temecula DUI lawyer will need to work aggressively to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, at which point they will be receptive to negotiations.

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