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Charged with Drug Trafficking Charges in Riverside, CA?

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Drug trafficking is a serious crime that typically involves the manufacture, transportation and sale or distribution of illegal drugs. Because of the damage caused by illegal drugs to our society, both law enforcement departments and the court system, will aggressively pursue and prosecute those persons who are engaged in the crime of drug trafficking.


Therefore, if you have been arrested on a drug trafficking charge, it is critical that you immediately hire an experienced Riverside drug trafficking lawyer to represent you. Attorney David E. Grande is skilled in handling all different types of criminal drug cases and he will work hard to protect your rights, freedom and reputation. He has an excellent reputation for getting results and has been recognized by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys as one of the 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction. In 2013, Attorney David E. Grande was also awarded The National Trial Lawyer Membership: Top 100 Trial Lawyers.


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You Could Face Heavy Penalties for Drug Trafficking!


If you are convicted of drug trafficking you could be faced with heavy penalties including prison time, substantial fines, probation, possible forfeiture of your assets and other consequences. The actual severity of the penalties are based upon a number of factors including the type and amount of the drugs involved, the defendant’s role in the crime, the location of the crime and any prior convictions.


Because of the seriousness of a drug trafficking crime, you need an experienced, skilled and aggressive drug trafficking lawyer to fight for you. Attorney David E. Grande has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases over the last 15 years and will work hard to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.


The extent of penalties will depend on the following circumstances:


  • Types of drug
  • Amount of drugs
  • The activity
  • The location
  • Prior convictions



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